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Volunteer Reference ApplicationĀ 

    Reference Questions:

    Do you know of any reason why this applicant should not be considered for work of this nature with the Mission?*

    Please rate the applicant on a scale 1-10 (1 shows a weakness and 10 an outstanding strength; choose "?" if unknown)

    Shows spiritual maturity and stability*

    Ability to serve as a godly role model*

    Evidence of a healthy prayer life and dependency on the Lord*

    Shows positive attitude toward authority*

    Ability to take leadership*

    Ability to humbly and caringly work with/alongside others*

    Seeks to encourage, build- up and include others*

    Exhibits tact in dealing with people and situations*

    Demonstrates a good ability in the area of instructing others*

    Demonstrates enthusiasm and joy in completing tasks*

    Willing to give of themselves above and beyond required duties*

    Dependability, thoroughness and self-initiative to complete tasks without continual reminding*

    Flexibility in accepting sudden changes*

    Willingness to accept and learn from correction*

    I would*

    Personal Reference's First and Last Name:*

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