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Upcoming Events

UGM's Annual General Meeting
Sat Feb 27 @10:00AM - 12:00PM

Praise & Prayer

  • A Prayer for protection for our chaplain, Tim, as he offers Bibles and shares Christ's love and the gospel to those who live in tent city by the Red River.

  • A practical Prayer for basic dignity and the provision of new underwear for men and women.

  • A Praise of thanksgiving for the bountiful provision from the Lord's Harvest.

  • Pray that there will be an end to the creation of novel street drug cocktails that tragicaly cost the lives of someone's son or daughter...and for all drugs abused on the street.


  • A song of Praise for recent guests from the homeless community joining our new Bible study program.

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Latest Blog Posts

Don't Miss tomorrows Premiere

Don't Miss tomorrows Premiere "Secure in His hands" video!

Pandemics, Politics, Agendas, Mankind adrift…..

No physical banquets to bring awareness in person to celebrate, pray and fellowship.  No offering to physically receive.  BUT, where the Lord is, we unite as one in Him!!

This Saturday at 7pm….lets come together and share via YouTube, lets celebrate and be moved by the ministry of Jesus in UGM.

Consider this please-

SECURE  = fixed or fastened so as not to become loose or be lost.

IN            = located

HIS          = God, Creator, Father, Saviour, Rock, Majesty, King, Redeemer, Lord………..

HANDS   = Powerfully grasped and clasped by Him, His fingers, His thumb, His palm, His love.

Brothers and Sisters, let us join together and let nothing hinder the Lord's work.  Let us join together and marvel at His handiwork, His potters hands and celebrate with fervour the testimonies of the lives transformed as witnessed in the video.

Please remember that depending on the event, banquet or dessert evening you would normally have attended, we have been blessed with matching donors. The chances are very high that any gift amount you feel led to share, will be doubled!!  The Winnipeg Event has an unlimited match!

 Please check the donation page for specifics, or use the appropriate envelope you may have received inviting you to this video event.



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Thanksgiving Prayer Requests

Thanksgiving Prayer Requests

Our community thanksgiving dinner was such an amazing success.  We have 25 volunteers helping at this event, we were able to serve 160 guests.  We received 41 prayer requests with 21 decisions made for Jesus ... Praise the Lord! 

The gospel message was shared as well as a delicious turkey dinner.  Here are some of the requests for prayer from our guests, so please pray with us.

  • Allan & Denise writes:  Pray for healing from surgery for gallbladder and kidney stones.
  • Leonie shares:  Pray for my mom and all my family.  My prayer for my mom to be in good hands in Ottawa.
  • Ken wants to get off the street.
  • Jon asks: Prayers for healing and me4rcy and forgiveness for my enemies and to set free God's love, in Jesus Name!
  • Jerilyn:  Pray for sobriety.
  • Damien writes: pray for my children and me, my friends and family.
  • Georgina asks for prayer: my husband passed away 1 month ago.  Pray for me, my kids and grandkids.
  • Calvin writes: I want to quit smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Rob asks to pray for this virus to be gone from this world.
  • Dudley asks for prayer for his knee problem.
  • Matt writes: For God to help me from not smoking cigaretes and for God to bring me and my father closer.
  • Miranda says: Please pray for me, I've been through too much and I don't want to be homeless anymore.  Thank you Lord.  God Bless.  Amen
  • Orville writes: Pray for my daughter Christina, take away her addictions & for a better life.
  • Courtney shares: I would love to go home to my children.
  • Sheena prays: that my boyfriend and I find a way to our kids in Alberta and we can stay healthy and sober.
  • Joseph: please pray that Father Yahweh heals my backpain and slows me down so I'll listen more closely to His voice.
  • Anonymous request: My prayer is for my little girl Tia, she will be 2 next month.  She is not with me right now, but I pray for her.
  • Charles writes: Get a home for myself, the best for my children.
  • Tory prays: for life to be a life worth living.
  • Tony writes: May everyone stay healthy.
  • Gilbert asks: Pray for my brother George for recovery.
  • Pawan prays to go back home.
  • Stan asks: Pray for health and family.



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Todd came into the men’s recovery program in June of 2019. He was a shy young man who had already been through a lot in his young lifetime. He was addicted to drugs and his life was falling apart. He knew he needed to get help. He came to UGM because he heard that our recovery program was biblically based and he was desperate to find peace in his soul.

He had already experienced too much rejection from others and was scared of being hurt again. We assured him that we were here to help, not hurt him and that the Lord Jesus Christ was the only one who could really bring peace to his soul. After a few months of counselling with the chaplains and Bible study classes, Todd began to find the healing peace that he was looking for. He found forgiveness and acceptance in Jesus and his brothers-in-Christ at UGM. The wounds from the past were finally getting healed as he embraced more and more of his relationship with Christ.

Todd was able to get his Grade 12 at our Adult Eductation Centre. Today, Todd has graduated from our recovery program and is now an intern at UGM. He is looking forward to going to university and his future looks much brighter now that the light of the gospel has turned his night into day. Todd now knows what it means to find rest for his soul as Jesus promised He would do for those who follow Him. If you too need that peace, then please come to Jesus today!

“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28 (NKJV)

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Did you know?



Please follow the link and tell us what you think!

Union Gospel Mission Winnipeg YouTube Channel


We are so thrilled to showcase some of the exciting things Jesus is doing in His seven ministries at UGM.

We are confident you will be blessed by setting aside 35 minutes to watch and listen to these powerful testimonies!

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Opportunity at UGM Charis Centre

Opportunity at UGM Charis Centre

We have an exciting opportunity for someone who is passionate about the work of Union Gospel Mission and in working with the ladies in the addiction program as a Residential Support Worker.

This person would maintain security and safety in the building, ensure that residents are adhering to program expectations and be willing to facilitate devotions.

For the full list of duties, qualifications and the application form, click here for our webpage

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