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Upcoming Events

UGM Gladstone Event
Fri Oct 02 @ 7:00PM - 09:00PM
UGM Community Thanksgiving Dinner
Sat Oct 10 @11:00AM - 01:00PM
Video Premiere "Secure in His Hands"
Sat Oct 17 @ 7:00PM -
UGM's Annual General Meeting
Sat Feb 27 @10:00AM - 12:00PM

Praise & Prayer

  • Pray for Jamie, found inebriated and literally crawling across Portage Avenue during rush hour at Polo Park.

  • Praise the Lord for our 6 interns who have completed the men’s addiction recovery program at UGM.  Please pray for their continued healing & recovery as they learn essential skills for the future.

  • Pray for Marla, Danielle and Rhonda, all who have heard Jesus speak to them through our drop-in time.


  • Praise God for our men at the front desk who often have to contend with upset and high addicts from the street, yet do so with love and compassion.

  • Pray for protection of our Chaplains. One was recently assaulted as he shared Jesus with a man spewing hatred of God.

Prayer Warriors

Please join us in bringing praise and glory to God by becoming a Prayer Warrior.  You can receive our Prayer Warrior bulletin five times per year.  To sign up:

Email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Subject line:  Prayer Warrior
Type your first & last name in the message

Latest Blog Posts

Called to Care…It’s not someone else’s job.

Called to Care…It’s not someone else’s job.

Here at Charis Centre we love plants! You will see green all throughout the building. Unfortunately, they sometimes go unattended with lack of attention and water and they die. This may happen because we all assume someone else had watered it, but no one had; all of a sudden the poor plant has dried up. One of our plants that had been “dead and gone” for a while was about to be thrown out. A resident asked if she could take it and revive it. Of course our reaction was “sure and good luck with that! The thing is dead!”  Well, she happily took it pruned it down and replanted pieces of the plant. The evidence of the success is seen in the pictures. With lots of care and attention, she managed to get 9 new buds and they are flourishing.

As I watch the plant outside my office with excitement about the growth that literally happens overnight, it made me think of our ladies here. So many of them have gone unloved and ignored in their lives. Being pushed aside by society as the being trouble makers and drug addicts on our streets. So many don’t see the point in putting time and effort into these individuals, so they get tossed aside and left to wither away. Many people in our society feel that it’s not their job to worry about these broken individuals because someone else will do it. Like our plants, the ladies continue on a downward spiral with no one to help. When they come into treatment, they have a chance to be revived, starting with the basics of food, water and sleep. They often need lots of attention from the staff in the first month. Over time we watch them flourish like this plant and blossom into the amazing ladies that God intended them to be.

How did Jesus respond to the outcasts in His day? He loved them, He called them and asked them to follow Him. He gave them hope and the Savior of the world attended to their needs. He touched the ones who by law shouldn’t have been touched, and he ate with those who would (according to culture) ruin His reputation. Let us follow His loving perfect example. The next time you see someone in need, do what Jesus would do, show them love!

Matt 8:2-3:  “And behold, a leper came and worshiped Him, saying, “Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean. Then Jesus put out His hand and touched him, saying, “I am willing; be cleansed.” Immediately his leprosy was cleansed.



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Kid's Clubs

Kid's Clubs

The upcoming school year will look quite different than any previous year of our lifetime. Because of the global pandemic, a number of changes are being made.  One thing that will never change is the teaching about Jesus.  We teach the Gospel at the Family Life Centre’s after school drop-in program.

During the course of any given week, the Good News is proclaimed and explained. Children attending the Kid’s Club get to hear who Jesus is and why He died on the cross. The Holy Spirit is active when talk turns to our Saviour.  Now what’s left, is for these little ones to actively turn their hearts toward Jesus.  Please pray for the children in our community!

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Sharing God’s Word

Sharing God’s Word

Lara came to Ladies Day on Wednesday at the Family Life Centre.  She enjoyed the day and found out about the Bible Studies that happen every Tuesday and Thursday as well.  She returned the following day, bringing her friend Tori with her. 

Lara cried through much of the Bible study, as we talked of the death of Christ.  She said it reminded her of watching the movie ‘The Passion’.  She said it frightened her - the suffering Christ had to endure.  We shared with her that because of God’s great love for us, Christ suffered so that we would not be separated from God forever.  I shared that this kind of love makes me cry, as I do not feel worthy of it and it makes me love my Savior even more.  Lara also said that it was so good to be able to talk openly about God and Jesus. This kind of talk is not encouraged in her circle.

Tori has some Biblical knowledge from her past and expressed her gratefulness to us for teaching God’s Word in a way she could understand and interact with the group. They both expressed thankfulness for the food and clothing they could take home.

We share God’s Word with the same women week after week, we watch them mature in their faith and that inspires us.  This week, we were given the opportunity to minister to newcomers who soaked up the Word of God like sponges.  We are so encouraged in the work of the Lord!

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Did you know?

UGM Calendar

UGM Calendar

Check out our updated UGM Calendar.  Most of our fall banquets won't look the same this fall, but we have some exciting things in the works.

Stay tuned for further information!

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Volunteers to Sort Clothing

Volunteers to Sort Clothing

We continue to be blessed with donations of clothing and books.  Now we need some volunteers to help sort through the donations so each ministry can give away what has been provided.

We are looking for individuals who would be interested in coming to help on Tuesdays or Thursdays.  Small groups may also come during an evening.

If interested, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

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