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Prayer and Praise Items

Prayer works!  Praise abounds. What a Saviour we serve!

Praise God that 7 days a week we hear the gospel preached more than once a day to those who believe no one cares for them. To witness Joanne, and Todd serve and share in the drop in; to see Jonathan at work, Surinder and others at various times, is to see our God who deeply cares for those who would count themselves as lost.

To hear the response to praise as I witnessed this past Saturday when a friend of Joanne’s came and shared in song and with guitar, was humbling and moving. Real, genuine applause!!

Praise God for a youth group that gave up some of their weekend recently to clean, “show the stairs some love” and to paint and prime our chapel walls, with that same love!

Pray for the man who came to our door recently dressed in red tee shirt, red shorts, grey socks and pink open toe sandals. Someone’s son. Someone Jesus loves so much that He died for His sin, just as He did for you and me. A precious soul who was unable to share his name, but Jesus knows.

Pray for the broken heart of Errol, who red eyed and in tears came to us recently, devastated that he had fallen back into drug addiction. He met with one of our chaplains and was given prayer and a plan for detox and a route into our men’s program.

Praise the Lord for Raymond, who just graduated from phase two to three in our men’s program. Pray that he is successful with CFS in restoration to a relationship with his young son. This man is on fire for the Lord!

Pray for Melissa. Tormented soul and regular visitor to our doors on Princess Street.

Pray for Jacqueline, Brittany, Lala, Destiny and Kimberley, the women baptized in October of last year. Lala is doing great as an intern now, but the others have their challenges. They are the Lord’s children now and we will always care and love them.