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Prayer and Praise Items

Prayer works!  Praise abounds. What a Saviour we serve!

  • Pray for Nicole, caught in the grips of addiction. Recently found her way to 320 Princess after injecting “down” (fentanyl). Life was spared but her intent was to find another fix. If only that intentionality could be harnessed to pursue a relationship with Jesus.
  • Praise God for the ongoing faithfulness of the church family in support of God’s work at UGM. Amazing!
  • We have come through a tough period of health issues for many staff. We are thrilled to praise God for healing and restoration to their roles as missionaries. Praise the Lord.
  • Praise God for the wonderful volunteers He has been sending. Individuals from Gambia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Germany, and local churches, joined with many school and college groups this last month, totalling over 900 hours of ‘free’ service. What a gift and delight they have all been!
  • As drug abuse becomes ever more prevalent in today’s society, psychotic outbursts have become common. Please pray against the enemies plans to cause chaos. Only Jesus can overcome. Thank God.
  • Please pray for our ‘Nobody but Jesus’ Radiothon – June 5 & 6 on CHVN Radio, 95.1 F.M. We want to honour Jesus through our air time!