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Prayer and Praise Items

Prayer works!  Praise abounds. What a Saviour we serve!

Praise. Christmas can be a painful time for many, but how humbling it is to walk into our men’s addiction recovery home and find pain & loneliness given way to adopted family & rejoicing in the glory of Jesus. Such was a recent morning, two days after Christmas!

Praise God for the outpouring of prayer, love, volunteering, provisions, and donations this past month (and throughout 2023).

Pray for our head cook, Andrew. His wife is battling the ravages of diabetes. Unless the Lord does a miracle healing, amputation of part of a leg is the medical answer. Andrew and his wife Darlene are the kind of people we humans would say, “Why them? They do so much for others!” If the surgery goes ahead, a new home with elevator access is just another burden on this precious couple.

Praise God for the longevity of stay for men and women in our addictions recovery programs. The ‘stickability’ of the majority is testimony to the work of Jesus, throughout our ministry.

Please pray for new staff openings to be filled by those who heed the voice of the Lord to apply (see job postings on We enter 2024 with an urgent need for additional or replacement staff at UGM Office and our ladies work at Charis Centre.

Pray for our DAY OF PRAYER. 24 Hours of Prayer starting March 15 at 6:00 pm to March 16 at 6:00pm. All are welcome!