UGM’s Community Christmas Dinner

We are so blessed by the Lord in how He provided for our Christmas dinner on Saturday. We gad a bounty of volunteers to serve for the day. Our head cook Andrew and his kitchen team provided a delicious turkey dinner! Donors provided a special Christmas gift for each person who came. Walter, our chapel speaker, blessed our guests with a wonderful message, and 21 people gave their lives to Jesus. Praise the Lord!!

We also had prayer requests from some of our guests. Can you please join us for praying for the following:

  • Glen – Thankful for God’s help
  • Kyle – Peace and Joy in the Lord
  • Irene – Pray for mother for her health
  • Bruce – Feeling heavy, going blind
  • Lana – I would love to say a prayer for my mother that died 38 years ago. Love her and miss her and my dad. Thanks
  • Pat – Brother died 2 weeks ago
  • R S Wells – That my relationship with Jesus Christ will deepen and therefore my faith will be strong and my voice will be one for His purpose
  • Jasmine – Health and wellbeing. Get my house fixed up so I can go back to live there. Also need a car.
  • Christopher – Pray for my girlfriend Sharon, who suffers major anxiety and depression
  • Gunter – Work and health
  • Marla – Peace
  • Ron – Ukraine – health and home
  • Morgan – I need prayer to get my daughter back so I need work/income, home and transportation. I also need prayer for the battles in the mind.
  • Grace – Homeless, 3 children. Joy, strength & peace for 2023
  • Faith – To be a mother and soul mate with a man and for bed bugs lice and scabies to go
  • Vik – Pray for the lost, addicted and broken, for salvation and guidance for myself. God help us.
  • Marshal – pray for his 5 kids to be safe and cared for
  • Ron – God’s protection to be safe & ok, and for daughter Rora and Regina
  • Eugene – Wife Shannon
  • Calvin – I pray for strength to continue my battle with my alcoholism, in Jesus name
  • Steve – Peace & goodwill
  • Mary – Health, broken pelvis