UGM Walk-a-Thon

We are so humbled by the over 160 people who donated and or walked recently. Thank you all so much.

BUT for those who haven’t realized the opportunity to give to this event, please check out the following…

  • We have now until March 31st to go on line and donate to a team that has, or still has yet to walk. CLICK HERE

A missionary wrote the following today:

“After serving several folk at 320 Princess door today, I started to ask people their name. Sam, John, Leanne and JJ identified themselves. I told them we wanted to pray for them. Leanne asked why? I said it was because you are uniquely made in the image of God, of Jesus and it’s our privilege and He loves you so much.”

Leanne said “really, me?!”

I said ‘yes’. Then she called out to John, who by now was at the end of our path to Princess St. that he also was made in the image of Jesus. Then she pointed to another person at distance.. “even him?!” ‘Yes’, I replied ‘even him’.

I was struck for the need to bring more than generic prayers to the Lord. We can get more personal, just as Jesus does. No one should be a ‘no name’. WE SERVE JESUS when we serve others!

God bless you for your prayers and participation!

Martin Chidwick