The Robber, the Chaplain, the Servant, and the Forgiving Heart

The robber: slipped into the chaplains office when our street guests were being served lunch. She (seen on camera) took his wallet, his phone, his car keys and his back pack.

The chaplain: starts to cancel his credit cards while daily lunch time prayers ask the Lord to intervene.

The *Servant: roused from his room walks in on the chaplain and hears the story. He suggests the internet can trace his phone. It does. (* great guy who is an intern in men’s recovery, A servant of the Lord as we all are here. )

The Chaplain and Servant run out of building. They find and confront the robber. She denies stealing.

Citizens arrest while Police come. All stolen goods returned to the Chaplain. No charges pressed.

The choice was made not to ban this woman from UGM. She is banned from a number of other places for thievery. Grace is shown.

A woman given over to drugs.  In this case, grace and a giving heart wins.