Testimony of Men’s Resident

I was born and grew up in Winnipeg! Despite being at UGM, I’m still involved with getting high. Where I get high is downstairs in the classroom, and upstairs in my room. How I get high is on Jesus! He is the best high I’ve ever had, no drugs needed. Nothing, not even may friends or family can bring me to the complete satisfaction that I get from Jesus. He gives me new thoughts, new ideas and respect for others and myself. I have a whole new perspective of life.

All my life time here and there, was spent with a lady so I could feel right about life. They were my motivation and gave me self esteem. Approval with and from ‘her’ would make my life right and complete. But it is God’s love, the right stuff that I needed.

Any of you ever watch a T.V. show called “Bar Rescue”? It’s where this man goes and takes over an old hotel and kicks out all the old workers and residents and restores, rewires and renovates the place. He posts a new sign saying ‘Under New Management’.

I’m under ‘new management’ with God. Jesus is the landlord, cleaning and fixing this temple so I could have a new and better life!

Raymond, a child of the living King!