Part 1 – A few short weeks ago:

His (we will call him ‘Zee’) body let go in an explosion of acrid waste.  Feces were everywhere as his organs failed to handle the attack of drugs on his slender frame.  Naked, Zee walked among our drop-in guests, still challenged by angry organ activity.  Repulsive as the smell may have been, this man was loved.  He was given a shower and a new set of clothes.  Zee was prayed for, fed and gently spoken to.

Meanwhile, one of our interns, a recovered addict himself, spent over two hours cleaning and disinfecting toilets, floors, sinks, chairs and showers.  He did it without complaint.  He did it out of love!

Part 2 – Just yesterday:

It was bitterly cold.  One of our sharp eyed guys in the front desk spotted what looked like a body laying outside.  Two of his co-workers, both former addicts, ran outside.  They found a lady who overdosed (Zee’s girlfriend).  They discovered a pulse and immediately carried her (we will call her ‘Nim’) into our 320 Princess St. location and began administering CPR, chest compressions and naloxone.  Nothing seemed to work as one of our number gave mouth to mouth in the attempt at life saving.  Paramedics arrived.  The scene was desperate.  Zee was a sobbing onlooker.  ‘High as a kite, flying low’ was a description given of him.

Was Nim going to survive?  Prayers were being said.  Five of our staff had shared in various ways to rescue this lady.  Hallelujah!  Just as the paramedics were about to use some serious looking equipment, Nim shot straight upright.  Alive!  Thank you Jesus!

Part 3 – Today, a chaplain who was one of the 5 helpers:

As Zee observed all that was being done to save the life of the woman he loved, he was sobbing uncontrollably.  Our chaplain assured him that Nim would be ok (the confidence of the Holy Spirit and the believe in prayer).  When Nim sat up, as dramatically as she did, Zee was ‘majorly’ relieved.  He engaged in conversation with our chaplain.  “I will never forget she was going to die”, Zee said.  Yet, this was the same Zee who was back using drugs himself after his own recent episode.  Satan has such a grip on some addict’s lives, that he has persuaded them that drugs are worth taking, even unto death.

Thank God, that while there is breath, there is hope!  No one is beyond the reach of the Holy Spirit.  Dear reader, our five servants involved in saving Nim’s life are intentionally unnamed.  Together they are a team. Family.  It is their priority and their desire that Jesus’ name be glorified.  Their service was love in action.  Yesterday, today and tomorrow, may it always be so.  Nobody but Jesus!