Radiothon 2023 Brief Review

Nobody but Jesus could provide a never-ending stream of testimonies to His grace and mercy as was shared by those we serve and those who do the serving at His Union Gospel Mission!

God’s love was very evident as men and women from our addiction recovery program shared their stories. His love was on display as a mother testified to answered prayer for a once lost son. His love was repeatedly attested to by volunteers and missionaries alike. His love shone through the air waves as a street guest spoke of the ‘home’ she has found in Jesus.

There were tears shed. There was laughter. There were many nervous witnesses transformed before our eyes once they publicly spoke the Name of Jesus.

34 listeners gave us the privilege of praying and praising with them!

Our Radio-hosts, Colleen & Vanessa, caught our desire to bring glory to His name. What a beautiful job they did!

Nobody but Jesus would have known His target for funds raised, but at a shade over $100,000, we are full of gratitude to all who gave.

Thank you Jesus!!