Prayer Requests from our Street Guests

As we interact with our community and guests that come in for meals, we receive specific requests that are on their heart. We’d like to share just a few of those with you, so that you too can bring these prayer requests before the Lord. The needs are great, even more than we can imagine.

  • I’m asking that my family in Nelson House are okay and that they will be safe in the arms of Jesus, especially that my sister Linda who passed last week. She will be missed. Thank you, Kathy.
  • My prayer is to keep everyone safe, and thank God for each day and forever, amen, Harold.
  • I cannot do this alone, I need help overcoming this addiction to alcohol, Ivan.
  • Pray for relief of pain and suffering, Marcelle.
  • To find myself again, get over being sad all the time, Chieata.
  • Please pray for my street mom who is in the hospital with a brain tumor in ICU, her name is Cindy. Thank you, Jeremy.
  • God please help me keep my son safe and prosperous, help me get off the streets, stop using these drugs and go back to my son, Culistus.