Prayer & Praise

Prayer works!  Praise abounds. What a Saviour we serve!

Please pray for a 72 year-old professional businessman who became addicted to cocaine at the age of 70!  There is no recipe of stereotyping addiction.

Praise God for our intern, Alana.  She continues to serve at Princess Street, where her love for others is demonstrably heartfelt.  Her interaction with our guests from the street is special to behold.

Please continue to pray for healing for our much loved missionary, Andy Williams, as he begins his battle to beat cancer.  Praise God for this beautiful man’s attitude and trust in the Lord through adversity.

Please pray for UGM Radiothon on CHVN June 15 & 16.  We want to bring glory to the name of Jesus!  (Isaiah 48:11 reads “My glory I will not give to another.”)

Praise God for provision and the remarkable leadership of Barry.  His relationship with donors and his network of sharing out of God’s abundance is exciting to witness.

Please pray for wisdom, discernment, courage, compassion and love to abound as we serve Jesus.

Praise God for incredible church family volunteers!  Recently one Christian school had their grade 12 class serve for four days.  They were a breath of fresh air.  So encouraging!