Adult Education at Faith Learning Centre

Mature High School:

Adults who want to get their high school diploma can take free courses at grade 9-12 levels.   To graduate from high school as a mature student, the student must complete four grade 9-11 courses, and four grade 12 courses for a Diploma.

Courses we offer: 

Grades 9 – 11

(English and Math Upgrading, if required, are non-credit & 0.5 = half-credit courses and other courses are 1. credit)

  • Applying Info & Communication Tech. 1 15F (0.5)                  
  • Canada in the Contemporary World 10F
  • Computer Science 20S
  • ELA: Comprehensive Focus 30S / English 10F / English 20F
  • English Upgrading (non-credit)
  • Essential Math 20S / Essential Math 30S
  • Geographical Issues of the 21st Century 20F
  • History of Canada 30F
  • Intro. to Applied & Pre-Calculus Math 20S
  • Keyboarding 20S (0.5)
  • Math 10F / Math Upgrading (non-credit)
  • Pre-Calculus Math 30S

Grade 12

(Subject to initial entry assessment placing and pre-requisites above if needed)

  • ELA: Comprehensive Focus 40S (compulsory)
  • Essential Math 40S (compulsory)
  • Family Studies 40S
  • Global Issues: Citizenship & Sustainability 40S
  • Life / Work Transitioning 40S
  • Pre-Calculus Math 40S
  • Psychology 40S

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  • Pending night class may involve computer/app-building/science project for credit                       

To register with Faith Learning Centre, students are required to do an assessment and interview. The results are used to determine the student placement level.

Onsite Classes run Monday to Friday, from 8:50am to 3:45 pm daily.  (72 ninety-minute classes per course)

Credit transfers may be possible – ELA 40S & Math 40S are compulsory

Contact us 

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Tel: 204-586-1416
Fax: 1-888-302-9433

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