Monday Prayer the Street Ministry

Firstly please pray for the health of Andy in the bubble (front desk). Despite having had invasive surgery this past Thursday, he is here just loving on and serving the street people who come to our door. What a servant, what an example!

Please pray for these dear people who came to our doors with various needs:

  • John
  • David
  • Joshua
  • Jessie – “for forgiveness’.
  • Jarrod
  • Colleen and David (mom and son). Colleen looking to apply to Charis.
  • Aaron
  • Terri – young lady out of her mind on drugs
  • Calvin- ‘for serenity’
  • Yolande and her boyfriend Jimmy – (wheelchair bound with no legs.
  • Dyson- ‘for peace’
  • Darcy
  • JJ – he and Darcy regulars
  • Carson
  • Elwood
  • Walter
  • Martha – cousin Rose and her son Lee (open heart surgery tomorrow)