Family Support Group

Experiencing the struggles of having a loved one deep in addiction can feel hopeless, and lonely and we want to help. UGM will be running a Family Support Group for those who have loved ones who are struggling with addiction.  This group will run out of the UGM Charis Centre one day a week and will be a safe space to share your frustrations, concerns and fears while getting support from others who may be walking in your shoes.

Do you ever wonder if you are enabling your loved one or giving them though love? Do you sometimes feel like you want their safety and recovery more than they do? Do you spend sleepless nights wondering if they’re ok? If these questions resonate with you, we would love to hear from you.  

We are at the beginning stages of planning and would like to know if you are interested, and which day works best (we will get a general consensus).

Please contact Loriann Tulk, Charis Centre manager, at 204-415-3934 ext 507, or