Clothing and Box of Blessings

Union Gospel Mission’s newer and larger “Box of Blessings” Clothing Donation Program (some are still named as ‘TOSS BOXES) provides essential resources to those we serve, with 100% of donations bringing help to those in need.  We give the best clothing freely to the needy, and recycle the surplus clothing to assist in many other vital programs.  

Items that can be donated into the BOX of BLESSINGS are:

Clothing, Purses, Belts, Shoes, Jackets, Hats, Linens, Towels.

New underwear for men and women are a huge and continual need!

Winter items: Hats, mitts & gloves, winter jackets & boots

Summer items: sandals, shorts, spring jackets, caps

Scroll down for a map of the locations.

Click below for the Toss Box Brochure.

If you know of a location (business) that would be willing to host a BOX of Blessings bin;
Martin Chidwick, Development Manager at 204-943-9904 ext. 237, or email