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Upcoming Events

UGM's Annual General Meeting
Sat Feb 27 @10:00AM - 12:00PM

Praise & Prayer

  • A Prayer for protection for our chaplain, Tim, as he offers Bibles and shares Christ's love and the gospel to those who live in tent city by the Red River.

  • A practical Prayer for basic dignity and the provision of new underwear for men and women.

  • A Praise of thanksgiving for the bountiful provision from the Lord's Harvest.

  • Pray that there will be an end to the creation of novel street drug cocktails that tragicaly cost the lives of someone's son or daughter...and for all drugs abused on the street.


  • A song of Praise for recent guests from the homeless community joining our new Bible study program.

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Give Food

10 Reasons To Support UGM

With Missions & Christian organizations all crying out for your financial support, why UGM? 
There are several great reasons: 

1.   UGM intentionally points people to Jesus Christ

  • People come for meals – they hear of Christ
  • People come for clothing – they hear of Christ
  • Men & women come for addiction recovery – it is offered in the name and power of Christ
  • Children go to camp – they hear of Christ
  • You get the drift – every year, tens of thousands hear of Christ through our ministries, and hundreds of them become His followers!

2.   UGM presents Christ to children

  • Why, at our Family Life Centre, do we run Discovery Clubs, in partnership, with Child Evangelism Fellowship?
  • Why do we aim to send 1500 children to summer Bible camps each year?
  • Why do we take the Discovery Clubs into one school, with others on the horizon?
  • Why do we sponsor almost 100 children to Faith Academy, a north end Christian School, every year?
  • Because – by introducing children to the abundant life that is found in Jesus Christ, perhaps they can be spared from trying to find it elsewhere. 

3.   UGM is accountable

  • We are a member of the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (ARGM), an association that aims to have high program standards and excellent training for its leaders.
  • We are also a member of the 4C’s – the Canadian Council of Christian Charities, ensuring that we maintain the highest of financial standards.

4.   UGM partners with the Church

  • We count on Churches to provide chapel speakers & volunteer groups.  Of course, this also provides opportunities for so many Churches to show Christ’s love and care for those in need – those who often aren’t found within the neighbourhood of the Church.

5.   UGM does not spend your donated dollar on professional fundraising

  • Our advertising campaigns may not be the flashiest or the smoothest – we may not have the most eye-catching material out there, but there’s a reason for that.  We believe that your donation should go directly towards helping those in need.  If you do see a UGM advertising piece that is outstanding, chances are it was donated!  Or, it came out of a rare, momentary flash of brilliance from our Public Relations department!

6.   UGM employees live as UGM missionaries

  • Nobody will ever get rich working at UGM.  Most who work here could be paid better elsewhere, but the heart to serve has won out over the heart to get rich.  We don’t live in poverty, but we’re not far from it!  If that ever changes, we’ll remove this reason from this page!

7.   UGM’s ministries are diverse

  • Seven of them, in fact!  Do you desire to help ladies whose lives have been shattered by addictions?  How about men who find themselves in the same situation?  Or, is your interest in feeding the homeless and poor?  What about sending north end children to a Christian School that normally would be out of financial reach?  Or, just helping north end families?  Perhaps you have a burden to help Winnipeg’s north end children practically & spiritually.  Or, maybe helping adults realize the dream of finishing their Grade 12 – in a Christian setting.  Your donation will help in any or all of these ministries.

8.   UGM views every donation as a sacrificial gift

  • Anything you donate could be spent on something else.  But, by choosing to donate to us, you are expressing a confidence that we will use it wisely.  We value your trust in us, which has led us to the decisions that have been addressed in previous points.  Our desire is not to be wasteful, but to be prudent with what you’ve sacrificed for us.

9.   UGM has been a ‘hand of God’ since 1933

  • God’s hand has been working through our hand – and through your hand – for all these years.  God has blessed our ministries, and given much fruit, which has assured us (and, hopefully, you) that He is pleased with the ministries that we are involved in.  As He blesses, He shows that He is ‘smiling’ upon our work.

10.   UGM is intentional in promoting the Good News of Jesus Christ

  • We’ve gone full circle – the first reason listed above and this one start and finish everything we do.  There’s no sense in having a full tummy if Christ is not in the heart.  What’s the point of finding freedom from addiction if it leads to a life that falls short of the abundant life Christ offers?  Why send a child to camp if the ‘good life’ is just for that week?  And on and on we could go – what shall it profit someone, if they gain the whole world, but go the wrong way into eternity?  So, in all we do, Christ is presented, and the Bible is central.

Those, then, are 10 of the reasons – well 9 ½ reasons, since the 1st reason and the last reason are sort of similar – why you should consider Union Gospel Mission as a place to send some of your financial support.


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