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What a Testimony and Joy! - Street Ministry


If believers that never lived on the street can reach out to those on the street, I believe that those that lived the street life before Christ changed them can do the same, if not better.

Part of what I try to instill in our interns during my classes with them in the past four years, is how to share their faith and reach out to others on the street.  I’m glad that some of them, like Norm (our former intern, now a staff), Marcel and Tom (our interns), put this into practice.

Though these three men are a work in progress like you and me, they’re all believers, sober and clean, and involved in street outreach.  Every now and then, Norm will ask, “May I have some Bibles and materials for my outreach?”  I am thrilled to meet his request, and to support him in prayer as he reaches out.  Marcel and Tom are also involved in their local church where they have been faithful for over a year.

A person formerly living on the street shared how he came to our recovery program.  “It’s through Marcel. Seeing what God’s doing in his life, I said to myself, that’s exactly what I need.”  What a testimony and joy to see these men striving to live for Christ and reaching out to others for Him.  When I asked Marcel and Tom if they’d like to be baptized, they readily said yes.  Thank God for both men, as they were recently baptized at their local church.  Thanks for your continued prayer support!


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