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More Requests for Prayer

Another 6 people committed their lives to the Lord!  Praise God!

Please continue to pray for these next prayer requests:

- Daniel, pray for a better world
- Darlie, pray for Yvonne, for my knees, and for all siek people in the world
- Deevon, a safe and healthy recovery to sobriety
- Jasmine, my son will be back to find me, money to fix my roof, and money to get my dentures.
- Tom, get into treatment for addictions & depression
- Miles, I need prayer for a home and protection from the streets.
- Ashley, patience, strength and sobriety
- William, pray for my mom & sister
- Ira, to get off drugs.
- Chantal, pray that I will be safe and give me the strength to deal with every day situations, fighting my demons like alcohol and drugs.
- For my son Brian and Farrah, for their health, for my mother, the rest of the family.  For my anger and my marriage to heal.
- Leilha, if you could pray for me and my family, also to find employment
- Garry, pray for good health
- Bill, healing of my hip
- Dawnte & Dustin, pray my family will be safe and loved & respected.  Pray for my little man to grow up strong and healthy.  Pray for Dustin that may he find strength.
- Travis, pray for my son Travis Jr. as well as my family.
- M.K.S.  Urgent - both hands need healing; a restoration to normal strength and use.  Thanks and God bless!
Easter Blessings!
Easter Dinner

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  • Praise the Lord for the lives that are being transformed through our programs.  God is at work everyday!
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