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Donate Today

Our supporters have blessed Union Gospel Mission with critical financial help in the last few years.  We are very thankful!  Here are further opportunities to support UGM as we minister to the least, the last and the lost.  Each year we need to replace, upgrade or purchase new equipment for our five buildings, so that we can continue to offer quality programming that glorifies God.  
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Here are the projects to prayerfully keep in mind:

Resurface Charis Centre & Family Life Centre Parking Lots - COMPLETED

New Chairs for UGM Chapel / Drop-in - COMPLETED

Air Handling Unit - Men's Dorm - COMPLETED

Air Handling Unit - UGM Chapel - COMPLETED

Air Handling Unit - Men's Lounge - COMPLETED

Carpeting - COMPLETED

Lift for Stairwell

A staircase lift is needed to help our ladies at the Family Life Centre get up and down the stairs.

     Estimated cost - $ 15,000                          Received to date - $0

Tables & Chairs for the Family Life Centre

The Family Life Centre is in need of 15 new tables and 96 chairs for the ladies day and bible studies.     
     Estimated cost - $10,000                            Received to date - $0

Commercial Stove / Oven

Many meals have been served at 320 Princess, and it is soon time to replace the old with the new.

     Estimated cost - $ 20,000                          Received to date - $0

Steam Tables

With serving so many meals several times a day, 2 steam tables are needed to replace existing ones.

    Estimated cost - $ 10,000 ($5,000 each)                        Received to date - $0

Kitchen Floor

New flooring is required at 320 Princess location.

    Estimated cost - $ 35,000                          Received to date - $0

Air Handling Unit - UGM Drop-in / Class room 

This unit would replace the current one which is approximately 30 years old and provides fresh air and air-conditioning.

     Estimated cost - $35,000                           Received to date - $0

9' x 9' Walk-In Fridge

   To be good stewards of our food donations we would like to put a walk-in fridge in the warehouse.  It can then be distributed to the various buildings to use for each ministry.

    Estimated cost - $ 10,000                          Received to date - $0

9' x 9' Walk-In Freezer

   When we get an influx of large food donations occasionally, our freezers can get quite full.  A 9 x 9 foot walk-in freezer put in the warehouse would help manage and distribute food to each ministry.

    Estimated cost - $ 10,000                          Received to date - $0

New Extended Cargo Van

   We are in need of a third extended box cargo van with a chiller for the transportation department to continue picking up product & donations from various partners.  This vehicle would replace our old cargo bus.

     Estimated cost - $ 40,000                          Received to date - $0

Water Cooler / Ice Dispenser

A new water cooler and ice dispenser is needed at the Charis Centre.

     Estimated cost - $ 5,000                          Received to date - $0


So, are you able to ‘dig a little deeper’ to help us with these major projects? 
As they are completed, you’ll see them disappear off this page, and re-surface in the PRAYER & PRAISE box on our Home Page.

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Praise & Prayer

  • Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and provision this past year as Union Gospel Mission’s fiscal budget year is coming to an end (on September 30th).   Thank you for supporting God through UGM!
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