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Praise & Prayer

  • Pray for peace and harmony on the streets, as tensions rise, drug use increases and demon spirits run amok.

  • Pray for safety of all our front line workers and volunteers.  Not only from Covid, but also from mentally impacted anger infused outbursts.

  • Praise the Lord that three students at our Faith Learning Centre gave their lives to the Lord Jesus, two young ladies and one young man.  Hallelujah!


  • Pray for Sean.  Desperately lonely and troubled soul, missing for 12 months.  T UGM, many of our guests share heartfelt stories of friends and family whose whereabouts are unknown.  May 2021 provide reunion and answers.


  • Praise God for Polar Bear snow sculptor, Vinora Bennett, raising funds and bringing more public awareness to God’s work at UGM.  (We even got a mention on a U.S. Network T.V. station!)

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Marc is one of our residents who has been at UGM since the fall of 2020.  He started to battle for recovery from his addictions in 1997.  It was in prison where he heard someone’s story of beating their addiction and he saw hope for himself.

Marc first entered the program at UGM in 1999.  Recovery was very difficult for him and he relapsed and re-entered the program several times.  In 2000 he prayed to find salvation in Christ.  “I prayed to have Jesus in my heart, but I never pursued him after. Slowly the worldly desires choked me out.”

In 2006 Marc fully surrendered his heart to Christ.  In 2007 Marc started volunteering with the Mission and was a staff member from 2008-2015.  Things were going great, but he was lazy in his relationship with God.  “I was satisfied with milk when I should have been consuming solid food, the 'meat and potatoes'.”  Slowly he began to make compromises until his eventual drug relapse.

In 2019 Marc received the tragic news that he had inoperable stage four cancer.  He always kept his spirits up reminding himself that he was in God’s hands.  His doctor was later happy to tell Marc that his cancer was over 90% cleared up.  He has no more symptoms and credits God with his victory over cancer.

Marc is looking forward to going back to work.  He hopes to be able to use his story of God’s work in his life to help other addicts in the future by running Bible-based recovery meetings. Please pray for perseverance for Marc as he strives to do the Lord’s will with his life.

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