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God is Good!

Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever. Psalm 136:1

Anger and anger issues!  Every day in Manitoba, people go to jail due to crimes and offences related to anger.  How do I know?  My past experience ministering in some of our jails!

Here at the Mission, we minister daily to persons struggling with anger and other issues. One day, one of those said to me, “I’m angry that I often get angry!”

Another told me at another time, “I’m angry that the ‘system’ no longer pays for my anger pills!”  I think I knew why, but I still asked him, “What’s their reason for that?”  And he yelled, “They said it’s about time I own up and work on my anger!”

Praise God for a guy like Dale whom I’ve known for years through our chapel services.  One day he came to me and asked if we could help him by accepting him into our recovery program to deal with his addictions, anger, etc.  He said “I’m tired of the old life and struggles….” I said, “YES!”  You see, Dale realized his need to: (1) be more accountable, (2) seek further spiritual support.

While with us, he took his recovery in Christ seriously.  He finally found his needs met in Christ during seven months at the Mission.  He was sober and clean, which was a big deal, if you knew where he came from.  While in recovery, he encouraged his friends to come to UGM and get help.  Today, two of those friends are in our men’s recovery program!

We gladly helped Dale to secure clean and dry accommodations with some supplies.  He now volunteers elsewhere, giving back to the community.  Please pray that he remains in Christ!  God is good!

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Sat Oct 13 @ 6:30PM -

Praise & Prayer

  • Praise the Lord for the men and women in our addiction recovery programs that are advancing through the various phases of their recovery.  Lives are being changed day by day.
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