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Easter Dinner

The Lord continues to move hearts and lives here at Union Gospel Mission!  The new total of people committing their lives to Jesus is 28!  As they hear the message of God's word, and enjoy the meal lovingly prepared, continue to pray that their hearts will be open to the Holy Spirit as they leave here today.

There is a third set of people coming for the meal today, so that brings us more than 300 people hearing God's word and enjoying a delicious meal.  Praise the Lord!  The volunteers are hurrying to clean up and set the tables for another 60 people.

Thank you for praying for these dear guests.  Here are more requests for prayer.
- Phyllis, ask God to touch, guide & bless her
- Michelle & Myles, to continue our sobriety and good healthy future together.  And keep our loved ones safe.
- Harvey, bring my family back to my life.
- Walter, to find work
- Yvonne, I need prayer for health and my needs that the Lord would answer my other prayers also.
- Julia, healing for me and my family
- Mavis, I pray the ell being and God's will over her and her dog.  I love her with my heart & soul, and pray God be with her.  Amen
- Abe, In God's name help him with all my heart & soul after 16 years going with him.
- Johnathan, my requests for sponsorship from my band office gets approval for college.
- Shazia, pray for my grand kids and kids that I can't be with.  And for the pain in my body.  Also the battle of my addictions to drugs.  To my newborn grandson born Thursday.
- Jamie, heal my left leg infection.
- Candace, pray for my kids & family & for our relationship to grow strong & healthy.  Amen!
- Henry, Pray for health
- Rochelle, to help me to stand with everything that I am going through with family.  I just want to be happy & I need a home.
- Uhanis, I need a prayer for my family
- Elsie, to find a home
- Dakota, for me and my girlfriend to have a smart, healthy, beautiful baby.

More Requests for Prayer
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Praise & Prayer

  • Praise the Lord for the men and women in our addiction recovery programs that are advancing through the various phases of their recovery.  Lives are being changed day by day.
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