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Greatest Gift - Children's Program


     I am constantly surprised at what children remember when it comes to the things of God.  A good many of the kids who attend the Family Life Centre drop-in program could recite John 3:16, but it hasn’t sunk in.  It just hasn’t become real to them at this point.  God gave his one and only Son, Jesus, to us.  But the kids haven’t received God’s greatest gift yet.  Jesus remains an unopened gift for them.  Some may know the contents of the gift, but that isn’t good enough.  Unless the kids take what God is offering and accept it, by believing and following Jesus, then this precious gift is considered as rejected.

     So many people claim they are Christians, yet have not shown any sign of a life that has changed.  How we live our lives is a sign that the gift God offers us has either been accepted or rejected.  I’m praying the kids who come to the kids drop-in will portray a changed life, because they have allowed Jesus to come into their hearts.  Please pray along with me! 

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