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Diana Fields

Diana Fields, Office Manager
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Diana is our managerial ‘elder states-woman’, joining the Mission in 1990.  And she’s not just another ‘pretty face’ – she’s very educated.  She graduated from Red River College (Business Accountancy) with excellence; from the University of Manitoba (Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Science) and, get this, from Ontario Theological Seminary (Master of Theological Studies).  One almost feels smarter just reading all this!

She met Wayne, her ‘husband-to-be’ here at the Mission, and she has been happily married to him since 1991.  Diana is one of those rare people who was able to have the grandchildren without having the children – figure that one out!  She loves reading and gardening, although not at the same time!  She & Wayne are active members of Calvary Temple.

Jeff Gilfillan

Jeff Gilfillan, Development Manager
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If you see a blur around here, this picture is likely who it looked like in slow motion!  Jeff began working for UGM in 2008, as the Operations Manager and in the spring of 2015 took on the role of Development (public relations) Manager.  Jeff marvels how the Lord has used each step in his life to prepare him for what he now does – 20 years in the hospitality industry (facility & restaurant management), and a few additional years in the camp ministry.  Jeff has a passion for the work of Union Gospel Mission and for advancing the Gospel.

He came to know the Lord in 1995 as a young man (an old boy?) of 25.  He is extremely happily married to Kelli which, in turn, has led to 2 children.  The entire Gilfillan clan attend Church of the Rock - Bronx Park Campus. 

Nelson Gonzalez

Nelson Gonzalez, Principal
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At the Mission, we think that Nelson is the best thing to ever come out of Central America.  He joined the Mission in 2005 as a teacher, and two years later, flew to the top, becoming its Principal.  Although he is passionate about his responsibilities at the Faith Learning Centre, he is even more passionate about helping his adult students to come to know Jesus Christ.  He seeks to instill that passion in all the staff and volunteers that help out at the Centre.

Nelson lives with his family in Winnipeg.

Bobby Coombs

Bobby Coombs, Operations Manager
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God opened up a door in May 2015 for me to come and begin here at the Mission.  Originally from Northern Manitoba, (Leaf Rapids is my home town) I've spend the years since graduating high school working underground in the mining industry, and more recently the Fire and Life Safety Industry.  I gave my life to the Lord in the early part of 2001 after coming to a cross roads with drugs and alcohol.  Thankfully my Lord and King Jesus Christ got a hold of me before spiraling too far down that path.  

Ephesians 5:19 "speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord".  Since early childhood I've had a passion for music, playing guitar, piano and various other instruments.  I love writing, recording and sharing what the Lord lays on my heart with others. My wife Jill and I have been married for a little over 8 years and have 3 beautiful children.  We currently live in the inner city and have a desire to see those that are being exploited, forgotten, often overlooked and even looked down on feel comforted, (2 Corinthians 1:3-4), loved and come to Christ.  His sheep are out there and recognize His voice!

Gilbert Plante

Gilbert Plante, Family Ministries Manager
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Gilbert has been the Family Ministries Manager since his arrival on the scene in June of 2011.  He has been married to the love of his life, Laurie, for over 30 years and has 3 adult sons (Tyson, Garret & Brennan) and 2 great grandchildren (Brayden & Alexis).  By ‘great’, he means ‘very good’ – Gilbert’s not old enough to have the other kind of great grandchildren!

As if his Mission responsibilities don’t keep him busy enough, he also serves as the Pastor of Family Life Church (which meets Sunday afternoon at the Family Life Centre), and, to keep even busier, he is the Associate Pastor of New Life Sanctuary (which ‘plante’-d Family Life Church).  Gilbert believes that his recovery from drug addiction has been something that God has used to prepare him for the ministries that he now has.

Loriann Tulk

Loriann Tulk, Charis Centre Manager
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Having been blessed with amazing Christian Parents, I was raised in a loving home where God was the center. I was taught that my relationship with Jesus was the most important one I’d ever have and this has proven to be true.

God gave me a passion at a very young age to work in the social services sectors. Being from a small town in Newfoundland I wasn’t exposed to the vast array of need that moving to a city would expose me to.

I attended Booth College straight out of high school where I studied social work and began working with individuals that would change my world. Since then, I have worked in the homeless sector and have worked closely with individuals who have suffered trauma, addition and experience mental health. I have had the privilege of working with both men and women exiting the federal correctional system.

Beyond my professional life I am the proud momma of a four legged fur baby (pug) named Portia. Even though I take my work very seriously I love to laugh and have fun with everything that I do.

I have now been given the privilege of working at the Charis Centre and I cannot wait to see what amazing things are in store!  

Mark Kelm, Senior Chaplain

Mark Kelm, Senior Chaplain
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I first came to Union Gospel Mission as the evening chaplain in October of 2013.  I have found my ministry work at UGM to be a real blessing, as I am able to do three things that I love, preaching, teaching and biblical counseling.  Previous to coming to UGM I had experience leading a group of South Korean missionaries in the Brandon, MB area doing outreach work with the aboriginal people in Sioux Valley and Pipestone.  Before that, I taught English at an English Institute and then later a college in South Korea for three years.  Before leaving for South Korea I completed training as a hospital chaplain, at both the Riverview Health Centre and the Victoria General Hospital.  I am also a graduate of Providence University College and Seminary with a BA in Biblical Studies (2000) and a Master of Divinity degree (2004).

In January of 2018, I was promoted to Senior Chaplain at UGM and I continue to find my work at UGM very fulfilling.  Serving as a chaplain at UGM has allowed me the privilege of seeing the Lord Jesus Christ change lives for His glory.  There is no greater privilege than being able to sow the seeds of the Gospel and then watch as the Lord shines the light of the Gospel into lives that were once filled with darkness.  I look forward to seeing more lives changed for the glory of His Name!


Frank Ulrich, Executive Director
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I am very thankful and excited that God has provided me the opportunity to serve as Executive Director of Union Gospel Mission officially in May, 2017.  I was blessed to have grown up in a strong Christian family that attended Rowandale Baptist Church, which I still attend with my wife, Monica, and two teenage sons, Joel and Shane.  My faith in God has always been the central part of my life growing up, and still is now as I lead my own family.  Having been so blessed in my own childhood, I have always had a strong desire to help the less fortunate and to share my faith with others.

I graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.) Degree, majoring in Marketing and Business Administration. I have worked in Sales, Customer Service and Human Resources.

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