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Easter Dinner - Street Ministry

What a glorious day!  We are blessed with over 50 volunteers here today coming to serve, minister, pray and bless the guests that are coming today for a special message and delicious lunch. 

We already have 126 guests in our chapel with more people waiting to come in for a second setting, and we have received many prayer requests.  A group of volunteers are praying for these dear people right now.  Will you join us in praying for the Lord to be present in their lives and bless them in a special way?

These 9 prayer requests are from people that are making a spiritual commitment for the Lord today.  The chaplains here at Union Gospel Mission will be following up with these individuals as they come for further discipleship.

- Charlie, I am a diabetic.  Lost left eye to diabetes and losing my seeing eye.  I need healing!
- Wayne, For work in B.C. to happen, and for safe travelling.
- Sheila, so I won't be homeless.  I need a home and my mom's knee surgery to get better.  And that I have a good and healthy life.
- Blondy, I would like to have spiritual prayer for my life struggling of everyday, about my family problems and improving my health and school life.
- Darlene, for all my family that departed.
- Jodie, pray for all that are homeless.  Need prayer for better days, less fuss, more trying in our relationship.
- Len, Bless everyone and help my health.
- Rob, For Sheila to find a home for herself.
- Henry, To be reunited with my family and justice for the family I lost.

Please stay tuned today as we share more wonderful things the Lord is doing here at UGM's Easter Dinner.
Easter Meal
For God So Loved the World!

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