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The Visit

And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13

I received a phone call from a concerned dad a while back.  He wanted me to come over for a visit because he had some questions for me. Upon my arrival dad got right to the point.  He needed to know how to give a blessing for the food they ate.  Apparently his 8-year-old daughter demanded they give thanks to the Lord for His provision.  However, it didn’t stop there.  One day at the grocery store, dad saw on opportunity to cut in line.  The daughter shouted and embarrassed him by letting dad and the entire store know that God would not approve of him cutting in line.

This young student is learning at Faith Academy about who Jesus is and what it means to be a follower of our Saviour. Because of this, an opportunity opened up to share the Scriptures and show dad who Jesus is and how true believers can approach the throne of grace in times of need.  I told dad to talk to Jesus the same way he would talk to me, with sincerity of heart.

I continue to pray and I am thankful for every opportunity to open the Scriptures with the families in our Adopt-A-Student Program.  Thank you, Jesus and to God be all the Glory!

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Praise the Lord for Volunteers

Praise the Lord for His faithful volunteers and supporters.  March was a busy month with many groups and tours through our Mission Aware Program.  April has also been very busy with volunteer groups and many individuals and families helping at the Easter Street Meal. We could not do what we do without our faithful supporters!


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Blumenort Fundraising Concert

If you are in the Blumenort and Steinbach area, please join us on Saturday, April 29th at 7:00 pm for a wonderful evening of music. You will get a special introduction to the Incoming Executive Director, and hear music by the Rising Above Band.

So, we hope to see you at the Blumenort EMC, on 59 Center Ave in Blumenort, at 7:00 pm.

Bring your friends and family to hear an update of Union Gospel Mission and soul lifting music at this fundraising concert!
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More Requests for Prayer

Another 6 people committed their lives to the Lord!  Praise God!

Please continue to pray for these next prayer requests:

- Daniel, pray for a better world
- Darlie, pray for Yvonne, for my knees, and for all siek people in the world
- Deevon, a safe and healthy recovery to sobriety
- Jasmine, my son will be back to find me, money to fix my roof, and money to get my dentures.
- Tom, get into treatment for addictions & depression
- Miles, I need prayer for a home and protection from the streets.
- Ashley, patience, strength and sobriety
- William, pray for my mom & sister
- Ira, to get off drugs.
- Chantal, pray that I will be safe and give me the strength to deal with every day situations, fighting my demons like alcohol and drugs.
- For my son Brian and Farrah, for their health, for my mother, the rest of the family.  For my anger and my marriage to heal.
- Leilha, if you could pray for me and my family, also to find employment
- Garry, pray for good health
- Bill, healing of my hip
- Dawnte & Dustin, pray my family will be safe and loved & respected.  Pray for my little man to grow up strong and healthy.  Pray for Dustin that may he find strength.
- Travis, pray for my son Travis Jr. as well as my family.
- M.K.S.  Urgent - both hands need healing; a restoration to normal strength and use.  Thanks and God bless!
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Easter Dinner

The Lord continues to move hearts and lives here at Union Gospel Mission!  The new total of people committing their lives to Jesus is 28!  As they hear the message of God's word, and enjoy the meal lovingly prepared, continue to pray that their hearts will be open to the Holy Spirit as they leave here today.

There is a third set of people coming for the meal today, so that brings us more than 300 people hearing God's word and enjoying a delicious meal.  Praise the Lord!  The volunteers are hurrying to clean up and set the tables for another 60 people.

Thank you for praying for these dear guests.  Here are more requests for prayer.
- Phyllis, ask God to touch, guide & bless her
- Michelle & Myles, to continue our sobriety and good healthy future together.  And keep our loved ones safe.
- Harvey, bring my family back to my life.
- Walter, to find work
- Yvonne, I need prayer for health and my needs that the Lord would answer my other prayers also.
- Julia, healing for me and my family
- Mavis, I pray the ell being and God's will over her and her dog.  I love her with my heart & soul, and pray God be with her.  Amen
- Abe, In God's name help him with all my heart & soul after 16 years going with him.
- Johnathan, my requests for sponsorship from my band office gets approval for college.
- Shazia, pray for my grand kids and kids that I can't be with.  And for the pain in my body.  Also the battle of my addictions to drugs.  To my newborn grandson born Thursday.
- Jamie, heal my left leg infection.
- Candace, pray for my kids & family & for our relationship to grow strong & healthy.  Amen!
- Henry, Pray for health
- Rochelle, to help me to stand with everything that I am going through with family.  I just want to be happy & I need a home.
- Uhanis, I need a prayer for my family
- Elsie, to find a home
- Dakota, for me and my girlfriend to have a smart, healthy, beautiful baby.

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