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Provisions - Street Ministry

During our weekday lunch meal program which we serve to our street guests, I’m given the opportunity to speak with some of our patrons and hear their stories.  One such patron I will call Jake, shared with me one lunch time the things that were going on in his life and how God was using Union Gospel Mission to be of assistance to him.  He shared with me how the difficulties in his previous living arrangement had escalated to the point where he was left on the street and homeless.  He shared what a difficult struggle this had been for him, but he also shared what a great difference Union Gospel Mission had made in this tough segment of his journey through life. 

He said that coming to Union Gospel Mission not only provided him with food to eat and clothing to wear, but it also provided him with a place of safety where he could hear and receive comfort from the Word of God.  His previous choices had lead him into some traumatic encounters,  but God was using the ensuing wilderness experience to bring comfort to his heart and soul and to gain some hope. 

Hosea 2:14-15 tells how God will allow us to enter into a wilderness experience, where He will speak words of comfort to us so that there, in that place of comfort, we will gain some hope.  Our daily chapel services at UGM enable people like Jake to hear and receive spiritual hope, along with the replenishing meals that are provided.  Jake was grateful that Union Gospel Mission, in partnership with its supporters, was able to supply both of those for him during his wilderness experience.

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